Should you Buy Google Reviews in Australia? Absolutely Yes.

Everything you need to know before you buy Google Reviews in Australia

Buy Google Reviews to improve or repair your business online reputation

(for Australian Businesses)

Buying Google reviews (the right way) can really lend a helping hand to businesses struggling to produce an acceptable Google Reviews score. And this is especially true for business owners that simply don’t have the time or resources to “play” the reviews game. A game very much dictated by the technology giant Google and the internet world.

So, you already know you need to improve your review score and now you are wondering if you should buy Google Reviews. The correct answer is “it depends”. This is mainly because buying Google Reviews from the wrong place can actually end up doing more harm than good.

On this page you will find all the resources you need to make an informed decision on how to buy Google Reviews safely.

5 Reasons you might be struggling to get your Google Reviews score up (and how we can help)

When it comes to Google reviews, the approach is actually quite simple, right? Just follow Google guidelines and ask all of your customers to leave you (positive) reviews. Wrong. If you have already tried this approach, you know it is a lot more complicated than that. Here are 5 reasons why you might find yourself struggling to bring your Google Reviews numbers and score up:

Lack of time or resources available to collect genuine reviews

This is particularly true for start-ups and small business owners. This is because small business owners are tied up looking after their customers and the day-to-day operation of their business. 

Furthermore, small and new businesses don’t have time or resources to spare on non-customer centric or revenue generating activities. This leaves little or no time to chase after customers for new reviews.

Your competition have more resources and/or time to invest into collecting genuine customer reviews

Well this one truly proves the point. The Google My Business (where Google Reviews are posted) system is definitely not small business friendly for this very reason. This is because small business owners and start-ups struggle to compete with larger businesses that can afford to have dedicated resources in place to manage their customer reviews.

The original idea behind customer review systems, was to keep businesses honest and give some power back to the consumer. However, it often feels like Google My Business and Google Reviews favour larger businesses and not the “little guys”.

Your job, more often than not, keeps you away from the computer

Many of us have “hands-on” jobs, which makes it difficult to find time to spend on the computer following up customer reviews. This is generally the case for hospitality and retail owners for example. The same goes for business owners that are always on the “go”, such as truck drivers, sales agents and personal trainers, to name a few.

This again, makes it very difficult for small business owners in these industries to keep up with review sites.

You, or you customers are not computer savvy

This one is often overlooked and not spoken about enough. Many of us are simply not regular computer users or are familiar (or feel comfortable) with the latest technology. The same could be said about our customers. This could be the case for industry types whose target audiences are generally aimed at senior citizens for example.

So where does this leave these business owners? Many may see themselves forced to pay customer feedback management companies exorbitant fees to collect and manage their customer reviews. We believe there is a better way.

Your customers simply don’t have the time to leave a review

This can be especially frustrating. People in Australia (especially in the major cities) nowadays live pretty hectic lives. It feels like everyone is always busy with work, traffic keeps getting worse, rent keeps going up but salaries stay the same. Customers constantly want more for less. It all adds up to the struggle and having to deal with customer review sites like Google My Business on top of that simply doesn’t feel fair.

This is why you might find that as much as your customers would love to help by leaving you a review, they may struggle themselves to find the time to do so.

Ok so, what is Tiny People Review and how can we help you?

If any of the above resonates with you, then we can help you purchase real Google Reviews. Be mindful though, Tiny People Review is certainly not your average “Buy Google Reviews” service. If you have been wondering where you can buy real Google Reviews for your business, you are finally in the right place.

No more dodgy overseas services that take your money and run in the opposite direction. No more questionable sites that post reviews on your Google My Business using profiles with foreign names that ultimately get removed by Google. Here, “Tiny” people like you and I, are helping Australian businesses get a ‘fair go’ with Google Reviews. Real people, real reviews. Simple.

Buy Google Reviews Made Simple and Affordable for all Australians.

As our name suggests, we are making it our life mission to connect real, average people just like you and I, with businesses in need of building up their Google Review numbers.

Our super user-friendly platform makes submitting and ordering your reviews a breeze! we also offer you 24/7 customer support just in case you are feeling a little bit stuck.

Tiny people, great reviews.

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Reviews posted per month


Google My Business Accounts Monthly

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Happy Customers every month

Who can benefit from getting  “Tiny” people to review their businesses on Google?

There’s your precious business, sitting on Google Maps (Google My Business), with an overall rating of 2 out of 5 stars or less. All because you had a couple of angry customers, due to no fault of your own outside of unfortunate circumstances, and they left scathing reviews that have all-but-destroyed your online reputation before you had a chance to build it up. Or even worse, you have competitors playing dirty and posting fake reviews on your profile. Not a worry, we are here to help.

TinyPeople.Review is perfect for business owners who:


Fake bad Google Review from a competitor

We all know the feeling. So a competitor has decided to place a fake nasty review on your Google My Business Business Page. But the worst part is the fact that Google won’t help in any way…

TinyPeople.Review puts the power back onto businesses and gives you a fighting chance.


Losing leads to bigger businesses due to lack of positive reviews

The Google Reviews platform is perceived by many as giving an unfair advantage to larger businesses. This is because you need a decent number of positive Google Reviews before customers can trust your brand.

TinyPeople.Review offers a cost effective solution for small business owners to build up their Google Review numbers.


Improve their brand’s online credibility

With far less customers than big businesses, small businesses just don’t seem to get their fair share of honest reviews. Small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy because they are always working hard, delivering exceptional customer service. Don’t let your efforts go to waste and don’t let one bad review affect your business and the livelihoods of your workers.

TinyPeople.Review gives your business the power to boost it’s reputation.

How it works?

With our super user-friendly platform, you can order Google Reviews from real people like you and I, in minutes.

Buy your Google reviews online

Order and pay for your reviews online in minutes with our super user-friendly system. Don’t know what to write? No problem! Use one of our free templates.

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We notify the poster

The poster, a real person like you and I, is notified. We provide them with all the info they need to post your review on Google Reviews.

Buy Google Reviews, Should you Buy Google Reviews in Australia?, TinyPeople.Review Australia

The poster posts your Google Review

Your reviews are posted within 5 business days by “tiny” people just like you and I. It’s that simple!

Our ultimate guide:
What to look for when shopping for a Google Reviews Service

When it comes to Google reviews, the approach is actually quite simple, right? Just follow Google guidelines and ask all of your customers to leave you (positive) reviews. Wrong. If you have already tried this approach, you know it is a lot more complicated than that. Here are 4 reasons why you might find yourself struggling to bring your Google Reviews numbers and score up:

Make sure reviews are posted by real people

This is because Google “knows” when reviews are posted using accounts that have no real activity on them. For example (this is a classic), someone creating an email account just to post a review. Google can see that that email account has never been used as such  (i.e. has never sent or received any emails) and will work that out right away. Consequently, the review posted by the same account will not be considered legitimate.

We simply don’t have this issue. This is because our posters don’t “work” for us. Our users are regular people like you and I looking at making a small income on the side while supporting small businesses in Australia. Therefore, their accounts are real and are used on a regular basis.

Make sure the “people” posting your Google Reviews are physically located in Australia

In case you didn’t know, computers and especially Google can track your physical location. They achieve so by tracking the IP Address of your internet connection.

If you access any Google Services using your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, Google will exploit the GPS (or location data) in your device to find out exactly where you are. Additionally, Desktops can also be tracked by their IP address. Therefore, reviews need to be posted by Australians.

Furthermore, trying to find a similar service outside of Australia won’t work as reviews will always “get caught” if they come from overseas ‘click farms’ or review services (regardless of whether the accounts are real or fake). Google of course will wonder, “Why are there dozens of accounts in India reviewing a cafe in Sydney?”. In these cases, Google will not only find out but will also penalise your Google My Business account.

We use the same technologies as Google to ensure that the accounts used to post your reviews are all located in Australia. We also verify the profile picture and personal details of our posters.

Make sure the “people” posting your reviews are aligned with your business and services

For example, say you sell female beauty products. It really wouldn’t make any sense if lots of men were posting reviews on your Google My Business page claiming to have used your products and how wonderful these are.

With our service you can choose from a selection of users to have them post your reviews.

Make sure the reviews being posted to your account don’t come across as “generic”

This one is often overlooked. To get the full benefit, make sure the reviews being posted “tell a story”. A good review talks about the service received at length, what was so special about the experience and what motivated the poster to post the review. Stay away from reviews that look like this:

“Great service. Thank you”.

With our service, you actually get to tell the poster exactly what you want them to post in your review.

Where not to buy Google Reviews from

As mentioned in the previous section, you want to stay away from overseas Google Reviews services and so called ‘click farms’. Using these questionable services (irrespective of price) only produces reviews that won’t resonate with your audience and will ultimately get removed by Google.