Refund Policy

Effective Date: 16 January 2018

At Tiny People Review, we are committed to providing high-quality reputation management services, including our Google Review service, designed to help businesses enhance their online presence and reputation. We understand that you may have concerns about the fulfilment of your order and the performance of our service. This refund policy outlines the terms and conditions under which we offer refunds for our Google Review service.

1. Fulfillment Period

1.1 Tiny People Review strives to complete most Google Review orders within 7 business days of the order date. However, please note that some orders may take longer to fulfil due to various factors, including the availability of suitable reviewers and Google removing reviews.

2. Google’s Algorithm and Review Removal

2.1 Google employs a sophisticated algorithm to maintain the integrity of its review platform. Occasionally, Google’s algorithm may identify and remove reviews that it deems suspicious or in violation of its policies, even if they are genuine.

2.2 In the event that Google’s algorithm removes one or multiple reviews that were obtained through our service, Tiny People Review will take responsibility for addressing this issue once we have been notified by our client that the review has gone missing.

3. Replacement of Missing Reviews

3.1 If Google’s algorithm removes one or more reviews obtained through Tiny People Review’s service, we will initiate the process of finding new reviewers to replace the missing reviews.

3.2 It is the responsibility of the client to notify Tiny People Review of any missing reviews promptly. Clients should contact our customer support team ( with relevant details regarding the removed reviews, including their order number.

3.3 Please note that replacement reviews, if necessary, will be different from the original reviews that were removed. While we will make every effort to ensure that replacement reviews reflect the positive sentiments and experiences of genuine customers, we cannot guarantee an exact replication of the original content.

4. Timeframe for Replacements

4.1 Upon receiving a notification from the client regarding missing reviews, Tiny People Review will begin the process of identifying and securing new reviewers.

4.2 We request that clients allow Tiny People Review at least 3 months from the date of notification to start replacing any missing reviews. The timeframe accounts for the time required to identify suitable reviewers, ensure their authenticity, and have them post reviews.

5. Refund Eligibility

5.1 Refunds may be considered under the following circumstances:

a) If Tiny People Review fails to initiate the process of replacing missing reviews within the stipulated 3-month timeframe from the date of notification.

b) If, despite our best efforts, we are unable to replace any missing reviews within 3 months of receiving a notification for missing reviews.

5.2 Refund requests must be made in writing to our customer support team at The request should include relevant order details, such as the order number, and a description of the issue.

6. Exclusions

6.1 Refunds will not be provided under the following circumstances:

a) If the client has not allowed Tiny People Review the minimum 3-month timeframe to address missing reviews.

b) If the client has not notified Tiny People Review of missing reviews.

c) If the missing reviews were removed by Google’s algorithm due to policy violations on the client’s part.

d) If the Google Business Profile was removed and/or is no longer visible to the public.

7. Refund Process

7.1 Tiny People Review at its sole discretion will issue a refund. Once a valid refund request is received and approved, Tiny People Review will process the refund within 7 business days using the original payment method.

8. Amendments to this Policy

8.1 Tiny People Review reserves the right to amend this refund policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be communicated to clients via our website or email.

By engaging with Tiny People Review’s Google Review service, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this refund policy. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or our services, please contact our customer support team at

Thank you for choosing Tiny People Review for your reputation management needs. We look forward to assisting you in maintaining a positive online presence.