A Specialised Google Reviews Company since 2012

Welcome to Tiny People Review; a specialised Google Review Company since 2012. Tiny People Review was founded to help businesses of all size get a fair go when it comes online reviews. Unfortunately, people are more likely to leave a negative review for a bad experience rather than leave a positive review for a perfect experience. Additionally, people are less likely to speak up about any service imperfections and will instead just leave a negative review. Ultimately, the review system isn’t perfect and unfair for businesses because it can damage their reputation.

Like our name suggests, we are making it our mission to connect real Australian people, just like you and I, with businesses that need to build up their Google Review numbers. With over 10 years experience, we know what it takes to improve your Google Reviews.

A Google Reviews Company making it easier for businesses to improve their 5-star Google review numbers

As a specialised Google Review Company, Tiny People Review are making it easier for businesses to improve the number of 5-star Google Reviews. Our super user-friendly platform makes it easier for businesses to order Google Reviews. Simply go to the order Google Reviews page, select if you would like a gender preference for your review, select whether you would like us to write the review for you or if you would like to write the review. Next, just add the review to the cart, add as many reviews to the order as you would like and then proceed to the checkout.

A Google Review Company unlike any other

Tiny People Review is a Google Review Company different to other reputation management companies. We specialise in helping businesses build their number of 5-star Google Reviews with over 10 years of experience. With all that specific experience, we understand more about how the Google Review system works compared to any other company.

We know that not all reviews stick to your Google Business Profile for many different reasons. Even real reviews from your customers or clients may get removed by Google’s algorithm. However, we know what it takes to get reviews to stick and we offer a replacement guarantee for any reviews that get removed by Google.